Ghada Derbas Best Arab Singer in North America

Ghada performs and organizes events in North America for all Arabic communities: Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Syrian, Moroccans, Palestinians and Egyptians.  She song at International and national festivals, major events, and weddings.  She became one of the strongest female Arab voices in North America.  Ghada wrote songs and sang them, she was anchoring on Radio stations ...

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Interview with Ghada Derbas by the Morocco Magazine AL-FARAH

2012 03 15
لقاء مجلة فرح بالفنانة غادة درباس/ حوار بشرى شاك


Up Coming Events

Easter Party

Thaer Malko & Ghada Derbas 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

3:30pm until 8:30pm

Al Sultan - Montreal - 1 450 688 4723

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  Ghada Derbas

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