Ghada was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She comes from a family with great talent.

Her father and cousins were known to have great voices. However, their ties to the family traditions have prevented them from pursuing a career in the music.
Ghada was a very energetic child. She was loved by her neighbors, friends and her teachers at school. Ghada used to sing with her sisters all the time at home. At the age of eight, for the first time, she joined the singing program called ‘3ashara 3la 3ashra on national Lebanese Television, where she sang the legendary Egyptian Artist’s Oum Kalthoum’s “Inta Oumry”. Since then, Ghada continued to perform and win at the various galas and special music programs for children, where it was noted that Ghada has a voice of her own that is energetic with great sensations and fine technical capabilities.

A Very Dedicated Professional


A Great Singer and Event Organizer

After working for five years in the computer industry,she moved on to pursue her ongoing passion for the music industry.
Ghada performs and organizes events in North America for all Arabic communities: Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Syrian, Moroccans, Palestinians and Egyptians.
She song at International and national festivals, major events, and weddings.
She became one of the strongest female Arab voices in North America.

Ghada wrote songs and sang them, she was anchoring on Radio stations.

email: info@ghadaderbas.com